The final sales numbers fall short and the sales deals gyrate. The deals that were supposed to close, don’t. The deals that do close have never been seen before. Meanwhile, staff declare they are disciplined and systems integrate. The gyrations suggest strong discipline and rigorous reporting still miss the forecast and understanding how prospects obtain value. 


Let’s ask our customer to tell us when she is going to buy. This is not far-fetched. Reporting and good analysis will discover patterns of
prospect behavior that tell you which deal will close. Specifically, how much time and energy a prospect is investing in understanding your solution, and how it applies to her particular issues.

Prospect time is abused in traditional GTM, because they meet with sales, marketing, and support to hopefully make use of your technology. We know a test drive will ensure prospects spend time making use of your technology effortlessly.

A lab platform streamlines lab and content creation by quickly creating test drives. The same platform supports your brand, success agent onboarding, bottom-up GTM sales and renewals.


DataCore’s Augie Gonzalez says this about lab platforms,
“DataCore’s partnership with TechAccelerator is a critical component of our customers’ journey.”