COVID and the changing social and financial environment will require you to re-imagine, evolve, and adapt. TechAccelerator have done this for our existing customers, so you will get there with our crafted on-demand labs platform.


In a re-imagined Lab experience, your technology, documents, and steps to use the technology are stored in one place – we call this the Catalog, like a Lab App Store. Labs are accessible from anywhere in the world, and any story or presentation could be associated with your technology – one technology, many stories and presentations.

Stories and presentations may change during your technology development cycle. Our platform supports labs at any point in the technology and lab development process.

The Lab is made up of your story. The story guides a prospect and ensures they make use of your technology. The lab platform records when the lab is started, percentage complete, etc. Lab usage is a top indicator of buyer readiness. 



Buyer readiness in a traditional GTM is cloudy across sales and marketing systems of record. The reimagined lab experience ensures buyers will make use of your technology effortlessly, resulting in buyer readiness.