Three steps to start

  • Understand where you fit, and be transparent with where you don’t fit.
  • Develop quick wins in existing communities via training and education.
  • Create a test drive to make your technology useful to evaluators and buyers.


To create a test drive is an exciting step and will be followed by distractions. It’s exciting because your team is made up of sales engineers, support engineers, and training engineers. Each has a view on how to create a test drive. The sales engineer knows how to set up demos. The support technicians know how to re-create issues. The trainers know how to use hands-on-labs or video to deliver show-do-review training.

The test drive should focus team collaboration  to ensure fit and education in your community marketing. For the best customer experience, create a test drive of your technology based on the teams past successes of sales engineering, supporting, and training.

Avoid distractions and risks by partnering with a crafted, on-demand scalable lab platform to enable the best customer experience and team collaboration.

Venture Capital and Fund managers increase investment success by improving executive functions with bottom-up sales. Executives improve manager and team comfort and cravings by providing an on-demand lab platform that enables individual passion for demos, support, and training.

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