Stop talking to buyers, 3 steps to listen better

Three steps to start

  • Understand where you fit, and be transparent with where you don’t fit.
  • Develop quick wins in existing communities via training and education.
  • Create a test drive to make your technology useful to evaluators and buyers.


To create a test drive is an exciting step and will be followed by distractions. It’s exciting because your team is made up of sales engineers, support engineers, and training engineers. Each has a view on how to create a test drive. The sales engineer knows how to set up demos. The support technicians know how to re-create issues. The trainers know how to use hands-on-labs or video to deliver show-do-review training.

The test drive should focus team collaboration  to ensure fit and education in your community marketing. For the best customer experience, create a test drive of your technology based on the teams past successes of sales engineering, supporting, and training.

Avoid distractions and risks by partnering with a crafted, on-demand scalable lab platform to enable the best customer experience and team collaboration.

Venture Capital and Fund managers increase investment success by improving executive functions with bottom-up sales. Executives improve manager and team comfort and cravings by providing an on-demand lab platform that enables individual passion for demos, support, and training.

TechAccelerator knows this because
we are the leading crafted, on-demand lab platform. Contact Us, or if you’re not ready to contact us, follow us on LinkedIn for the latest in bottom-up sales growth using crafted on-demand labs for your specialized business.

Start listening by reimagining your lab experiences

COVID and the changing social and financial environment will require you to re-imagine, evolve, and adapt. TechAccelerator have done this for our existing customers, so you will get there with our crafted on-demand labs platform.


In a re-imagined Lab experience, your technology, documents, and steps to use the technology are stored in one place - we call this the Catalog, like a Lab App Store. Labs are accessible from anywhere in the world, and any story or presentation could be associated with your technology - one technology, many stories and presentations.

Stories and presentations may change during your technology development cycle. Our platform supports labs at any point in the technology and lab development process.

The Lab is made up of your story. The story guides a prospect and ensures they make use of your technology. The lab platform records when the lab is started, percentage complete, etc. Lab usage is a top indicator of buyer readiness. 



Buyer readiness in a traditional GTM is cloudy across sales and marketing systems of record. The reimagined lab experience ensures buyers will make use of your technology effortlessly, resulting in buyer readiness.


Reimagining your functions

The final sales numbers fall short and the sales deals gyrate. The deals that were supposed to close, don’t. The deals that do close have never been seen before. Meanwhile, staff declare they are disciplined and systems integrate. The gyrations suggest strong discipline and rigorous reporting still miss the forecast and understanding how prospects obtain value. 


Let’s ask our customer to tell us when she is going to buy. This is not far-fetched. Reporting and good analysis will discover patterns of
prospect behavior that tell you which deal will close. Specifically, how much time and energy a prospect is investing in understanding your solution, and how it applies to her particular issues.

Prospect time is abused in traditional GTM, because they meet with sales, marketing, and support to hopefully make use of your technology. We know a test drive will ensure prospects spend time making use of your technology effortlessly.

A lab platform streamlines lab and content creation by quickly creating test drives. The same platform supports your brand, success agent onboarding, bottom-up GTM sales and renewals.


DataCore’s Augie Gonzalez says this about lab platforms,
“DataCore’s partnership with TechAccelerator is a critical component of our customers’ journey.”


The New Relationship 101: Stop selling, increase listening, and start helping!

OK, maybe not "new" per se, but in these accelerated times of change and in our scurry to get things done, we can sometimes forget our most basic universal truths. Show you care by listening and then actually helping your customers be successful. Become a partner in their success.  With literally millions of dollars in operational costs and sales opportunities at stake, today's companies need to be certain their selected solutions fulfill the intended roles.    

To make a decision, customers need hands-on time with your solution to gain both experience and comfort…not just with your technology, but with you! 

So how do you streamline and scale this type of capability throughout your organization without crippling your budget or over-burdening your customer teams?

Meaningful and productive customer time with both your teams and your technology solutions; as soon as possible and regardless of equipment or customer location.

Optimize and shorten the communication cycle by moving from slide-ware to lab-ware!


Re-imagine the historical lab environment, where the technology, collateral, and learning for your solutions are stored in one centralized place - TechAccelerator calls this the Catalog…like a Lab App Store. Use this versatile Catalog anywhere and at any time to demo, market, develop, train, and support customers worldwide. We combine your story, presentation, and solutions into one engaging and easily maintainable place for you.

Yes, prospective customers must spend time using your technology, but not toiling to set it up. Spending cycles downloading evaluation guides and trial software isn’t useful. Re-imagine prospects using your technology immediately and engaging your teams!

When are they ready to purchase your solution? Only after meaningful and timely engagement with both your team and solution! Partnering early and often makes the difference, and now you have the vehicle to scale worldwide.

TechAccelerator re-imagined the enablement lab... and evolved the art of customer partnering technology through our crafted on-demand lab platform.

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