Solutions, not Products

You want to create great events, close deals, train people, and create long term value. Our catalog uses nodes and blueprints so you create customer experience for your specialized business needs. You’ll spend less time setting up, and more time making sense of opportunities. Reuse your best presentations, stories, and templates to scale crafted on-demand labs for your specialized business.

Specialized Business Stories

You want to create meaningful stories for your customers, partners, and employees. Our editor gives you the tools needed to tell meaningful stories. Your story will eliminate multiple screens and switch between a guide and a lab. Develop, market, sell, support, and train confidently by telling the story that matters to your audience.

Confidence Building Presentations

Your meaningful stories and scenarios are often lost in inefficient technology. Develop, market, sell, support, and train better by using our platform to provision existing content, e.g. SCORM, PPTX, etc. Increase confidence by using content right alongside your crafted labs, or start content from your favorite lab - anywhere, anytime, on-demand.

Lab Instances to Provision Integrations

Your customers are versatile, so should your labs. Our platform ensures templates and blueprints work with any cloud. Our platform uses instances to scale your templates, while avoiding costly cloud overruns. Instance lifecycles provision and teardown external cloud resources - saving you time, and money.

Techies Rejoice - Connect, Restart & Power Off

Your needs at home, remote, or at work are the same. Customers ask for specialized demos, so you’ll connect to a console and show an off-script item. We have you covered, our control panel gives you control of the entire environment from your crafted lab - anywhere, anytime, on-demand.

Anywhere, Anytime, On-Demand

Our platform provides you anywhere, anytime, on-demand access using our HTML5-based console. The HTML5-based console is direct control of your environments without having to connect to a VPN, RDP or VNC session. From POST to an OS Desktop, control your crafted on-demand labs.

Savings Exceed Platform Costs

TechAccelertor doesn’t require a new budget. We guarantee* our catalog management system will automatically delete instances after a period of time set by you to eliminate costs equal to or greater than what you spend with TechAccelerator.

Catalogs and Instances Craft On-Demand Labs for Your Specialized Business Needs

TechAccelerator Catalog entries, and lab Instances create specialized scale for your products and solutions. You develop, market, sell, support, and train using best of breed frameworks showcasing your specialized products and solutions. We provide you the platform to craft on-demand labs, scale your specialized business offerings with Lab Builder and Events.