Build Labs to Develop, Sell, Train

Your node templates, blueprints, catalogs, and instances are unique to your specialized business. Our platform has starter node templates, blueprints, and catalog entries. You’ll create and maintain new labs using our Lab Builder. Lab Builder automates virtual machine builds and delivers new code releases (e.g. node templates, blueprints, and more).

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Policies

The world is changing and your customers' needs are evolving. You’re taking user management to a new level using vouchers, trials, employee or channel accounts, and more. Our platform improves customer experiences, from product release to customer renewal. We’re one step ahead, delivering user management that spans product pre-release to end-of-life.

Validate Great Customer Experiences

Customers should be willing to recommend your brand. Customers must be able to make sense of what they're buying. Too much information overwhelms customers. Our exams and/or surveys enable you to validate your customers' experience. Use it for sales, channel, and more, and give them confidence in your product for their next conversation.

Trials and Vouchers

Your customers require that you meet them where they do business. Your catalog must be available in multiple ways. Our platform supports Vouchers, Events, or Trials, both Self Service and Sales Team-Initiated. Trials and Vouchers showcase your presentation, story, and scenario. Using drop-in code, your website supports prospects' Trial requests, and alerts sales teams to a new opportunity via Salesforce integration. Sales or Marketing can invite or provide customers with Vouchers for specialized customer experiences.

Virtual Event Planning and Management

You’re being asked to deliver virtual events globally. Our platform combines node templates, blueprints, catalogs, and instances with locale and date. You create rewarding customer experiences, while we supply customers with crafted, on-demand labs at any scale for their specialized business needs. Put your catalog to work in the Americas, EMEA, APAC, G20, and beyond.

Products that Create Scale and Value

You’re asked to sustain, reproduce, and scale a lab environment. Your labs are used to develop, sell, market, support, and train. TechAccelerator Lab Builder and Event System provides you with the tools to achieve escape velocity. Create confidence in your specialized products and solutions with your crafted, on-demand labs at any scale, including our custom integrations.