Node Templates

You’re asked to create another VM, perhaps the 100th, and likely one just like the others with a minor tweak to the cloud configuration. TechAccelerator’s node templates ensure that you set up once, and then add provisioners, VM templates, hardware configuration, and other features, so that your technical leads can build your software correctly anywhere, anytime, everytime, confidently.

Blueprints Repeat Environments, Track Changes

Setting up networks, building VMs, and installing software requires confidence in repeating monotonous tasks. TechAccelerator’s DevOps module library accelerates entire architecture stacks. You give your engineers the ability to create complex environments that can be reused and rebuilt correctly, anywhere, anytime, every time, confidently.

One Blueprint, Multiple Product Versions

Using blueprint templates, you create a single environment. You drop in each version of your product, because your teams use the version that matters to them. Engineering teams have ready access to share new product versions with sales, marketing, and training teams. Sales has what they need to help customers make sense of the market and purchase quickly, every time, confidently.

Building Blocks of Catalogs and Instances

Node templates and blueprints create your environment to craft on-demand labs for your specialized business. You promote them into your catalog, and power-on an instance from your catalog to enable a lab for use.