You’ll Only Need a Few VMs

You are asked to set up a few VMs for sales to reduce friction in demos, trials, and if avoidable, proof of concepts. Marketing finds out and asks for a few more to support a small event. Then come the versions, and requests from training and Event Marketing to ensure the customer experience is the same from first touch to add-on sale.

Specialized Product, Simple Nodes

Customers need a confidence boost and storytelling for your products and solutions delivers confidence. Confident customers make sense of product and solution information. Sensemaking and customer experience result in short sales cycles for new customers, increasing share of wallet, and renewals.

Scripts Scale Nodes & Blueprints

Nodes are running, requests are coming in from sales and marketing for setup. Then, a new customer demo or trial requires special integration with salesforce, puppet, aws, and chocolatey. Deliver these integrations along with maintaining sales confidence and customer experiences.

Report: Value, Costs, Intent

For the next quarterly business meeting you’re asked to report on the value you bring to the functional groups, along with the costs, as well as any significant impacts. You need business reports that tell you why, what, when, and how much. Net promoter score, customer acquisition costs, and long term value are all impacted by your labs.

Customer Experience:

First Touch to Add-On Sale

• Improve customer experience and control costs
• Present reports that show your labs are increasing top line revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC)
• Improve customer experience and confidence with higher net promoter score (NPS)
• Customers buy more and consistently renew to improve their long term value (LTV)