Direct & Channel Sales Enablement

New sales members require product and solutions training, and preparation to demo stories and presentations. Develop learning paths for products, solutions, and demonstration stories. Sales teams become confident with their product, resulting in best of breed customer experiences.

Customer Install and Configure

Learning paths are required for new customer setup, install, and configuration. Develop product and solution stories with a focus on instructional design, styling, and consistency. From sales trial to customer install, customer experience remains the same across their product experience.

Stories that Scale Knowledge

Instruction design, styling, consistency, and keeping learning fresh are critical to learning paths. Deliver custom stories and presentations that align with the same product experience that customers and sales receive. Custom stories, same product, sales confidence, and sensemaking result in great customer experiences.

Learning Path Successes

Sales and customers get distracted. It doesn’t mean instructional design in a learning path is bad. Improve learning paths where it makes the biggest difference for sales and customer experience. Reports for increasing add-on and renewal sales based on learning successes and customer experience.

Customer Experience:

First Touch to Add-On Sale

• Improve customer experience and control costs
• Sales team create customer confidence around product and solution during buy stages (lower CAC)
• Customers are confident to set up, install, and configure your company's products (improved NPS)
• When the time comes for add-on or new functionality, they'll have the buy-confidence of your learning paths (increased LTV)